Scrambler CJ8 YJ8 Jeep-pickup


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The Scrambler, or CJ8, was produced from 1981 to 1985. Only about 28,000 Scramblers were ever built. Jeep took the already popular CJ7 and extended the wheelbase and the rear frame as well as the body. The wheelbase of 103.5 inches seemed too long for stock tires, but looks and performs very well with 35" tires. The rear overhang, 12" more than a CJ7, also seemed too long(even with 35" tires). The 1/2 top(hard or soft) with the unique Scrambler roll bar are as nice looking as they are functional. Unfortunately it's hard to find a decent Scrambler anymore. If you do find one it is usually expensive. They are such a classic that is would almost be a shame to modify them extensively.

The YJ Wrangler was produced from 1987 to 1996. At first, most of us looked down at the square-headlight "new" Jeep, but we soon started to appreciate some of the refinements over the previous generation(CJ). The frame is stronger and better designed. The "new" Jeep handled much better on the road. The body was treated to prevent rust. The half door option complimented the looks while making the driver and front passenger feel more protected, and a little less naked, on a topless day. Some of us also discovered that a Chevy V8 would fit between the YJ's frame rails easier than the on a CJ. Somehow having a V8 made it OK to be one of those square-headlight-Jeep drivers. Unfortunately the YJs were never offered with a longer wheelbase and the advantages that an extra few inches provides.
I wanted a Jeep that looked like a Scrambler but had some of the advantages of the Wrangler YJ..... So I created the WRAMBLER.
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